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Nfinit Solutions, based in Kottayam, India was launched in July 2009. That means we are still young, but no way inexperienced – our core members have been coding web applications from the early days of dot com boom.

Nfinit was formed on a firm belief that we can improve on the product quality and customer support that most software firms provide. At Nfinit, the client always comes first. We have a system to assure that the customer gets exactly what he needs. We call it Nflip. Nflip is a project management process based on Fusebox Lifecycle Process (FLiP) which actually is a project management methodology for producing repeated software project successes.

The reason why most web application projects fail is that users don't know what they want until they see it. FLiP insists that no technical architecting be done until the UI (the "front end") is complete - so complete that users can try out the software before it is actually built. So we use prototypes, wireframes and other mock ups to actually walk the client through the project before we start coding.

Nfinit work exclusively on LAMP technologies - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. All of them are free, all of them are open and naturally they are the most popular choice for web applications. We belive that open source technologies are ideal for rapid application development. With tons of resources available and supported by almost all web hosts, PHP/MySQL on Linux is a winning combination. We do not mix too many technologies, we belive in doing it right.

To contact us, to discuss a project or request for a feww quote, please use the form on contact page. We assure reply within one business day and strive to reply to every email message within an hour during business hours.


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