" Augustine and his team at Nfinit have been amazing! I interviewed a LOT of folks before starting my project. It was clear to me that some folks simply did not understand what I wanted. But, even though I did not have the right words (or technical know-how), it was obvious that the folks at Nfinit were able to discern my desires (from half-way around the world via e-mail, no less!). It was reassuring to know that they could envision what I wanted to have as the finished product. I was able to give rudimentary instructions and they were able to bring my vision into existence! Moreover, they were remarkably responsive when working out the expected bugs. They moved so quickly some times that there were corrections being made right before my eyes as I was testing the system. I recommend Augustine and the Nfinit team without reservation as an excellent choice for bringing your dream to pass. They are competent professionals who are always pleasant to work with! "

J. Scott Talbert, BA, BA (Theology), Ph.D (abd), J.D.
Renewed Mind Publishing
1201 N. Orange Street,
Suite 794
Wilmington, DE 19801-1186

“ I found Nfinit to be a great company to work with. They produced work better than I even expected myself. It was done in great time. I was also very impressed that they kept me update to date with progress everyday. This is something that is very important to me and have found that many companies do not do. I would highly recommend them and I will use them again in the future. ”

Jodie Culpin, Director, Homepeel pty ltd, Australia

“ They were very fast on delivery and more important they kept up with daily contact to let me know how the project was going which is very important to me. Also my hosting provided for many problems as it was grid hosting but they were able to resolve all issues and get it going. ”

Rafael Lopez, USA

“ What I like most about the team at Nfinit is their willingness to take product requirements and go beyond with things they think could be improved. This is not something you find often. I found things in the application that they had coded explicitly to make the experience better. That's fantastic! ”

John Davi, Doconos Inc, Palo Alto, CA, USA

“ Fantastic provider. ”

Will Paul, Alcester, United Kingdom

“ Very skilled, fast and professional.
I couldn't wish for more.”

Peter Yexley, WebWide Corporation Limited, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

“ Can't fault their work, was done on time & on budget and the communication was first-rate. Thank you! ”

Glen Rosie, Iugo Pty Ltd, Adelaide, Australia

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